VERSE 1 Db Empty hands held high Bbm Such small sacrifice Gb If not joined with my life Ebm I sing in vain tonight PRECHORUS Db May the words I say Bbm And the things I do Ab Make my lifesong sing Gb Bring a smile to You CHORUS Db Ab Let my lifesong sing to You Bbm Gb Let my lifesong sing to You Gb Ab I want to sign Your name to the end of this day Bbm Gb Knowing that my heart was true Eb Gb Db Let my lifesong sing to You VERSE 2 Db Lord I give my life Bbm A living sacrifice Gb To reach a world in need Ebm To be Your hands and feet BRIDGE Gb Db Hallelujah Bbm Ab Hallelujah Gb Ab Bbm Ab Let my lifesong sing to You Chords and lyrics provided by

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Fast / 112
Scripture:Romans 12:1-2 / Colossians 3:17
SongwritersMark Hall

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