VERSE 1 C#m B In the falling, In the flying A You are there C#m B In the living, In the dying A You are there PRECHORUS C#m B A So we wait on You C#m B A Lord, we wait on You CHORUS C#m B E You are light and freedom A C#m Hope that’s burning like the sun B E A Your great love has overcome C#m B E You are grace and mercy A C#m For every story left undone B E A Your great love has overcome C#m Your love has overcome VERSE 2 C#m B You are with us, Fighting for us A You don't let go C#m B You redeem us, Never leave us A You don't let go BRIDGE C#m B E Nothing can separate us A Nothing can come between us C#m B You never give up E A You never give up on us Chords and lyrics provided by

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Fast / 125
Service:Easter / Youth
Scripture:Deuteronomy 31:6 / 2 Samuel 22:3 / 1 Samuel 2:2
SongwritersAlicia Simila / Tony Wood / Josh Silverberg
Ministry:Newport Church

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