VERSE 1 C From the rising of the sun Am To the ending of the day F C One name alone be praised C Every nation tribe and tongue Am All creation lifting up F C Your name alone we raise CHORUS G Am F C Praise the Lord all the earth, All the earth G Am F C Bless His name, only one name, now and always VERSE 2 C Jesus You have rescued us Am You are good and You are just F C One name alone be praised C From the heights and from the depths Am In every heart with every breath F C Your name alone we raise BRIDGE G Am Every sky is filled with wonder F C All creation lifting higher G Am The only King who reigns forever F C Who is like our God, Who is like our God Chords and lyrics provided by

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Fast / 107
SongwritersAndi Rozier / Jason Ingram / Jonathan Smith / Meredith Andrews
Ministry:Harvest Bible Chapel

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