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Good Friday 2023

I heard this silly quote once that said, “why is it called ‘Good Friday’ and not ‘Bad Friday’? After all, it was the saddest day in history as our Christ was hung on a cross to die a death that we deserved.”

But that’s the thing about goodness – it always comes quietly. It always comes in disguise. And it never quite looks the way we think it should. 

Can you imagine if we told the disciples the day after they watched their best friend and Savior die that we call that day “Good Friday”. I think they’d turn away from us in anger, defeat, and disbelief at our disrespect. How dare we call the worst day of their lives “Good Friday”!

But nonetheless, the worst day of our Savior’s life, became the best day of ours. He took the punishment so we didn’t have to. He died so we could live. He wore a crown of thrones so we could wear the crown of His kingdom. 

And that is a picture of what our lives often look like.

When we experience heartbreak, injustice, grief, pain – you name it – we often feel like things will never get better. We ask ourselves the question, “Why God, why?”. And suddenly, it becomes “bad”.

And the truth is, it deserves that label. It wasn’t the Lord’s intention to watch us go through hardship and sin – but it is the Lord’s intention to use it for good – just like Good Friday.

In Romans 8, we read of the ways that we are continually being redeemed and transformed to look more like our Savior. The popular verse, Romans 8:28, says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” What a beautiful truth that is!! He is using our pain and suffering for good, just as He used the crucifixion for the most lovely redemption story in history. 

The lesser known Romans 8:29 continues the story, “For those God foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son…” He uses all things to make us look more like Jesus!! Every trial, every struggle, every temptation that we overcome is a picture of Jesus within us. 

And this is GOOD, my friends. This is so so good.

As we enter Good Friday, take a moment to reflect on the mountains that you are currently climbing, the pain that you are currently facing – and ask yourself “How could God be using this for good?”

And if you can’t think of a single thing – that’s okay! Instead ask yourself, “Do I trust that I serve a good God who promises to use this for my good?”

Because He will be faithful – just like He was so many years ago on that wooden cross.

Happy Good Friday,

From Essential Worship