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Individual Roles

Essential Worship Insights: Individual Roles – ELEVATION WORSHIP

Lauren Ramkisoon: As a team, I know that you guys work great as a unit but I also know that you guys have very unique roles individually. Can you each go around and explain what those roles are from a day-to-day basis?

Chris Brown: We do all play different but very significant roles during the week. It’s not just that we’re responsible for the weekend and show up on the weekend and that’s pretty much it. My role would primarily be to focus on worship leader development, so investing in and raising up future worship leaders for our church.

Wade Joye: My role: I’m the worship pastor at the church and so my main job is to take Pastor Steven’s vision and execute it in the worship ministry and our weekend worship experience. And so, I lead the worship ministry. I also lead our programming teams, which just comes up with the creative elements that happen every weekend in our worship experience. And really just getting to work with these guys and it’s awesome.

London Gatch: You work so hard. I feel like I have a very split personality job. On one side I am very administrative and help kind of manage our department, work a lot with our budgets and our finances and all of that, and then on the flip side I work a lot creatively with our creative elements like anything live that we pull off on the weekends. I work with Wade and just the whole process of executing those elements, so anywhere from helping to brainstorm them, plan them out well, and then execute them. 

Brad Hudson: My main role in serving the church is to raise up our vocal team and to invest and identify talented people that we can raise up culturally within our church. So, just identifying and raising them up. Another part of what I do is a little bit of the technical side with clicks and loops. I create all of that for all of our bands across seven locations to play together on the weekends.

Andrea Smith: A couple of my roles are: I make sure that our vocal team is prepared for the weekend by sending out weekly vocal notes that have details about the weekend and each song, what they need to sing, and making sure that the lyrics that you see on the screens are correct. I’m responsible for that.

Jane Williams: One of my main roles is helping lead the women as a part of Elevation Worship and just giving them a platform to grow and keep on just investing in them as leaders and also vocalists and women. Another part is just helping facilitate our prodigy program and more of our worship leader development.

Mack Brock: And my role is a lot of casting the vision for the sound of Elevation Worship. That is in leading our MD team, our music directors, and making sure that I’ve got a team of guys that are kind of keeping a pulse on the sound of the musicians and the sound of the weekends. And then it goes beyond that into our original music and production of that and kind of just running with our albums and making sure they all sound consistent, sound like us.

Wade: I would say one thing that would go across the board for all of us is that whatever needs to happen on the weekend, we’re all hands on deck. So, nobody is just kind of compartmentalized into “this is just my job and that’s all I do,” like whatever needs to happen, we’ll drop whatever we need to do to make it happen for the weekend.