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Every Crown

By: Bethel Music

VERSE 1 Dm Bb I have watched how You drove back the sea F C That swallowed up my every fear Dm Bb I have walked from the shore to the deep F C Through it all You were there PRE CHORUS Bb Mighty Redeemer C Strong to deliver Dm C Bb You are the Great I Am CHORUS F We crown You with every crown For the way You saved us Dm Crown You with every crown For the way You love us C (Last time add Gm) High King of Heaven Bb F We crown You the Lord of all VERSE 2 Dm Bb I have watched how You led through the wild F/A C A cloud by day and fire by night Dm Bb Guiding me to Your promised land F/A C Every step by my side BRIDGE F/A Bb All hail redeemer hail F/A C For You have died for me F/A Bb C Dm Your praise will never never fail Bb C F Through all eternity Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Kalley Hailigenthal, Ed Cash, Jason Ingram, Chris Davenport

CCLI#: 7112253

Recommended Key: Eb

Tempo/BPM: 73