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Keep Following


[Verse 1]
Eb         Bb        Eb            Bb
  When you met Jesus    times were ea - sy 
Eb       Bb                 F
  Walk - ing closer every - day
Eb             Bb         Eb            Bb
  But the days got longer,   the nights got harder
Eb        Bb                  F
  Now you can’t even call His name

[Pre Chorus 1]
              Cm        Bb/D          Eb 
Hey we’ve all been there    I’ve been there

Bb              D7                           Eb
  Running outta road, don’t know where to go 
Let me tell you my friend 
               F    Gm                  Eb   Bb
Keep following Je - sus, keep following Je - sus 
Bb             D7                        Eb
  Take another step, fix your eyes ahead, 
Hey, you’re doing al - right 
               F    Gm                  Eb   Bb
Keep following Je - sus, keep following Je - sus 

[Verse 2] 
Eb    Bb          Eb      Bb
  Tis so sweet to   trust in Jesus
Eb        Bb              F
  You can take Him at His Word 
Eb      Bb         Eb      Bb
  Nev - er  ending   sweet sur - render
Eb        Bb               F
  It gets better as you go

[Pre Chorus 2]
         Cm      Bb/D       Eb
I had to go there    to get here


                     Bb                                  Cm
When you wake in the morn - ing, as you walk through the day 
                Bb/D                      Eb
It’s always the right time to call on his name
When you’re re - joic - ing (keep following) 
When you’re in pain (keep following) 
When you feel lost (keep following) 
He’ll show you the way

                            >           >
Bb / D7 / | Eb / Bb / | F / Gm / | Eb / Bb / 

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Songwriters: David Leonard, Logan Cain, Madison Cain Johnson, Taylor Matz

CCLI#: 7176376

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: 74