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By: Chandler Moore

[Monologue] C#m Feelings, Bsus I found myself in a place of sorrow, A I found myself in a place of grief, B And at first, I didn’t have language for it, All I know was something was off, C#m And I couldn’t trace it back to any misstep I took, Bsus I couldn’t trace it back to, anything that I've done, Aadd6 That was like a consequence, I was just, my emotions were just, Bsus B I had feelings, I was feeling a lot, E Whether it was pandemic stuff, Something I never even knew could happen, B F#m Or whether it was relational stuff that was just not working out, A Friend just not ending, friendships not ending well, C#m Whether it was just my own personal brokenness, Bsus Turmoil, inner, internal battle, Aadd6 I just had feelings, still have feelings, Bsus And what I realized is that, B B/D# There is a place in feelings where you can honor the Lord, E B Where I can have these feelings, A And He's not in heaven, Like hey, get out of that, Get out of those feelings, don't feel that, E B He's not rushing me to get to a place that I'm not, A But He's, He's not just in heaven but He's sitting with me in it, E/G# In my tears, in my fear, in my confusion, in my frustration, B In my questions, A He's siting here, present with me, E/G# B And I've realized and I've learnt something about Him, in my feelings, A That I may not have learned in the spirit per se, C#m I learned something about Him, Bsus Being the God of my emotions, A The One who created me, C#m That I may not have learned had I not been in this place, Bsus I’ve learned how to suffer with Him, A I think a lot of times before in my life I’ve, E Slipped into depression easier, B And slipped into a worldly grief easier, A Because I've tried to suffer without Him, E But I've learned how to suffer with Him after this process, B I haven't been able to pray like I used to, A I've learned how to suffer with Him, A fellowship, join Him in the fellowship of His suffering, E B A And that’s what this album is, that’s what these songs are, My process of lament, my process of suffering with Him, E B Being able to feel my feelings, but not lean on them, A Father, I thank You for allowing me to have feelings
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Songwriters: Chandler Moore

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 82