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God Be Praised

By: Elevation Worship

                G               D
You left Your throne for our salvation
        G                       Bm       A
Jesus Christ, the hope of our nation
         G                       D
Battered by the weight of our nature
          G         A       D
For our crimes You came to save

            G                      D
God of the world, You walked among us
             G                     Bm       A
Covered in flesh, in all of our weakness
             G                        D
You were despised, embarrassed, and lonely
                   G       A     D
But through Your shame we came alive

          G      Bm
God be praised
   D    A                   G      Bm
Forever we will shout Your name
  D        A
Lord over all
           G         Bm
You left heaven for earth
       D       A
Your glory for us
       G        A     D
Risen King be lifted high

            G                     D
Out of the dark, and into Your likeness
           G                   Bm        A
Caught in hope, a love so relentless
           G                           D
Called by name, Your sons and Your daughters
                G        A    D
Bought with a price, we are alive

   Bm         A           D          G      
Because I'm alive, I'll give You my life
   Bm         A          D           G      
Because I am free, I'll bow at Your feet
   Bm          A         D       G      
Because I am loved, I'm able to love
   Bm          A         D        G      
Because I am Yours, my worth is secure

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Songwriters: Chris Brown, Jane Williams, Mack Brock, Wade Joye

CCLI#: 6027900

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 73