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Graves Into Gardens

By: Elevation Worship

INTRO B E/B B VERSE 1 E/B B I searched the world E/B B But it couldn’t fill me G#m Man’s empty praise F# and treasures that fade E Are never enough VERSE 2 B Then You came along E/B B And put me back together G#m F# And every desire is now satisfied E Here in Your love CHORUS B Oh there’s nothing better than You G#m There’s nothing better than You E Lord there’s nothing, nothing is better B than You TURNAROUND B E/B x2 VERSE 3 B I’m not afraid E B To show You my weakness G#m My failures and flaws F# Lord You’ve seen them all E And You still call me friend VERSE 4 B ‘Cause the God of the mountain C#m B Is the God of the valley G#m There’s not a place F# Your mercy and grace E Won’t find me again CHORUS X2 INSTRUMENTAL X2 B E X2 BRIDGE 1 B E B You turn mourning to dancing E B You give beauty for ashes You turn shame into glory G#m E B You’re the only one who can. [REPEAT] BRIDGE 2 B E B You turn graves into gardens E B You turn bones into armies You turn seas into highways G#m E B You’re the only one who can G#m E B You’re the only one who can CHORUS X2 BRIDGE 2 X2 TAG G#m E B You’re the only one who can B E B E B INSTRUMENTAL x2 BRIDGE 1 BRIDGE 2 x2 OUTRO G#m E B You’re the only one who can Chord chart and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hammer, Brandon Lake

CCLI#: 7138219

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 140