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Hold On To Me

By: Elevation Worship

VERSE F/A Bb Hold on to me F/A I am weak without you Dm I can’t breathe without you C But I can make it through F/A Bb If you hold on to me F/A When my life is broken Dm Still your arms are open C Your love can make me new CHORUS F/A Bb You are my everything C Dm I run into your name F/A Bb Csus C Jesus, Jesus F/A Bb I know my world is safe C Dm Forever in your name F/A Bb Csus C Jesus, Jesus BRIDGE Bb Dm F C Bb My God is stronger, he won’t let go of me Dm F C Bb Christ my Savior, faithful through eternity Lyrics and chords provided by
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Songwriters: Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, Mack Brock

CCLI#: 7051510

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 70