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No Body

By: Elevation Worship

INTRO (2x) C/E - F C/E - F G - Am G/B - C VERSE 1 C/E F Behold the lamb C/E F Upon the cross G Am G/B C Who takes away the sins of all C/E F Forgiveness flows C/E F From hands and feet G Am G/B C As violence meets the Prince of peace G Behold the King CHORUS F C Light of the world Am G Lamb that was slain F C Lion who rose Am G Mighty to save F C The fullness of God Am G Won’t be kept in a grave F G C Darkness your hour is over VERSE 2 C/E F Behold the love C/E F His dying plea G Am G/B C Behold the grace of Calvary C/E F That rugged cross C/E F Soon to be G Am G/B C The emblem of a risen King C/E G Behold the King CHORUS (2x) BRIDGE INSTRUMENTAL (2x) F G - Am C F G - Am C BRIDGE F G Am No enemy can hold you down C Cause there’s no body in the grave now F G Am One head gets to wear that crown C Cause there’s no body in the grave now CHORUS (2x) BRIDGE (2x) OUTRO F G Am C
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Songwriters: Brett Younker, Jason Ingram, Pat Barrett, Steven Furtick

CCLI#: 7213073

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