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Heaven On Earth

By: Fellowship Creative

Verse 1 A I was stuck in black and white D A But it looked like color to me E Didn’t think life could ever get better D A Didn’t dream in eternity Verse 2 A A/C# But You took me to a place D A Where my soul had never been E And You opened up heart D A And You poured Your Spirit in Chorus 1 E Heaven on earth F#m D Heaven on earth A Right here, right now E Jesus, pour out A Your Heaven on earth Verse 3 A Now we’re walking through this maze D A Life is still as crazy to me E But I’m feeling better than I ever D A Felt before I knew Your peace Verse 4 A A/C# Wanna run into the night D A Wanna ring the mission bell E I’m gonna rally all my friends D A And we’ll storm the gates of hell, singing... Chorus X2 Bridge X3 A Let’s go Let’s go To the point we E Let go Let go A/C# And feel Heaven D So close So close A E Until it floods our soul Chorus X2 Bridge x2
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Songwriters: Fellowship Creative

CCLI#: 7200346

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 154