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Forever Reign

By: Hillsong Worship, Jason Ingram

VERSE 1 C You are good, You are good And there's nothing good in me G/C You are love, You are love On display for all to see C You are light, You are light When the darkness closes in G/C You are hope, You are hope You've covered all my sin VERSE 2 C You are peace, You are peace When my fear is crippling G/C You are truth, You are truth Even in my wandering C You are joy, You are joy You're the reason that I sing G/C You are life, You are life In You death has lost it's sting CHORUS C G Am I'm running to Your arms, I'm running to Your arms F The riches of Your love will always be enough Am G F And nothing compares to Your embrace Am G F Light of the world, Forever reign VERSE 3 C You are more, You are more Than my words will ever say G/C You are Lord, You are Lord All creation will proclaim C You are here, You are here In Your presence I'm made whole G/C You are God, You are God Of all else I'm letting go BRIDGE Am F My heart will sing C No other name G/B Jesus, Jesus Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Jason Ingram, Reuben Morgan

CCLI#: 5639997

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 81