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Free In You

By: Iron Bell Music

VERSE Am F C You took these lies, replaced these scars Am F C With who I am , with who you are Am F C You bore the cross you loosed the chains Am F C Made me your child, no longer a slave CHORUS F C I’m set free Oh Lord F C I’m set free Oh Lord Am G C I'm set free, I'm free in You VERSE Am F C You led me out to draw me near Am F C Bound me to love and not to fear Am F C Through all the earth, Your freedom rings Am F C Released my soul and now I sing BRIDGE C F/C You bind up the broken hearted C F/C And bring down the walls of darkness C F/C You have come to set the captives free Chords and Lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Stephen McWhirter, Josh Glauber

CCLI#: 7068768

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 73