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By: Kristene DiMarco

VERSE C Am Here in the night and beyond the stars F G You bring us hope much stronger than ours C Am Lifting our heads and healing our lives F G Taking our pain as we lift our eyes CHORUS G Am F C Oh-oh, Your death made a way G Am F C Oh-oh, We overcome by Your name G Am F C Oh-oh, We're free in Your grace G Am F C Oh-oh, You are mighty to save VERSE C Am When faith is a fight, When mountains are real F G You lift us up; in Your light we will heal F Am As victors we sing of death swallowed whole C G C And all that we hope will be all we know BRIDGE Am Our God is mighty! F Our God is mighty! Am Our God is mighty! F G F Our God is mighty to save Chords and Lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Junior Garr, Kristene DiMarco, Lindsey Sweat

CCLI#: 7044268

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 63

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