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Thank You

By: Life.Church Worship


Eb Cm Gm F - 2x 


                      Eb                                  Cm 
If faith is the substance of things unseen 
                      Gm                       F 
My hope will rise in the mystery 
           Eb       Cm 
And I'll sing 
   Gm      F 
I'll sing 
                     Eb                                  Cm 
When I am faced with the enemies lies 
                  Gm                     F

Or in the shadow of every giant 
          Eb         Cm 
And I'll sing 
  Gm       F 
I'll sing 

            Eb                                        Bb

I say thanks for the things you’re doing 
           Gm                                  F

I say thanks for things you’ve done 
            Eb                                         Bb

I say thanks for the ways you’re moving 
           Gm                                      F

I say thanks before the battle’s won 
           Eb                                               Bb

I will praise you in the middle of the storm 
                                    Gm                           F 
Cause you've been faithful every time before 
     Eb               F

So all I wanna do is thank you 

Eb        Bb                F                Gm 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


                Eb                                    Cm
I've been pressed but I’m never crushed
                 Gm                                      F 
I've been wounded but I won't give up
               Eb                     Cm 
In every high and every low
                 Gm                                          F
I won't forget where my help comes from
   Eb     Cm 
I'll sing
    Gm     F 
I'll sing

BRIDGE (First time over 1)
Gm                                       Eb 
Sickness can’t stop your praise
      Bb                                      F 
Depression can’t take this song from me 
Gm                                         Eb
Fear will never drain these lungs
Bb                            F    Dm
Praise is still rising up
Gm                               Eb
Pain won’t slow this down
Bb                                                    F
Panic can’t take this peace from me
Gm                              Eb
Nothing can stop us now
Bb                                 F
Praise is still pouring out
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Songwriters: Ashten Wellman, Dameon Aranda, David Wellman, Dustin Smith, Luke Guevara

CCLI#: 7216240

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: 76.5