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Never Let Me Down

By: Mosaic MSC

VERSE 1 D Against all hope I will believe D/G Through raging wars, You fight for peace D You have always made a way G/D A path of beauty, You create PRE-CHORUS Em And I know Your love is strong enough to meet me where I am CHORUS D Em Hallelujah, You will never let me down Bm G Hallelujah, You will never let me down D Your hope runs through my veins Em Your love it paves a way Bm G Hallelujah, Hallelujah VERSE 2 D What lies ahead I cannot see D/G I know Your voice will carry me D Nothing can pull me from Your hands D/G No power against Your hope will stand BRIDGE |2X| A D/F# G Let Your hope be the strength in us A D/F# G Take hold, we want to live in Your love CHORUS |2X|
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Songwriters: Mariah McManus, Lindsey Sweat, Andres Figueroa, Colin Dennard

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 142