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For My King

              F                  C
What is this love, So sweet and pure
               Am                G
That you would die, To call me yours
         F                 Am
At the cross, You bore my sin
               G      F              C
You conquered death,     So I could live

      F                   C
All I am will bring you praise
           F                   C
My whole heart will lift your name
  G/B   Am     G       F
I will never cease to sing
               G       C
Of all you've done for me

              F                 C
Through your word, You gave me life
                 Am                      G
From worthless things, You’ve turned my eyes
              F                Am
And though I fall, I’ll rise again
                 G    F                    C
My strength is found,    In nail scarred hands

      F               C
I’ll sing for you my king
       F              C
I’ll sing for you my king
       F         G     Am  G         
I’ll join with angels singing
 F       C/E  G
Holy are you God

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Songwriters: Alicia Simila, Graham Bronczyk

CCLI#: 7040793

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 66

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