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Kingdom and a King

D    A                             E
My heart is beating faster in my chest
D     A                   E
As I sing of where my loyalties will rest
D         A               E	
To never wait on the governments to move
          D            A                E
As the broken and the poor cry out for You

           D             A
For the kingdom and the King
         F#m           E
For His glory we will sing
          D             A            E
For the rescue of our souls, He has come
           D              A
For the kingdom and the cross
         F#m            E
Oh the triumph and the loss
 D                 A               E
Love has broken through and I'm redeemed

Through the kingdom and the King

D  A/C#           F#m/A         E/G#
Oh God may we be focused on the least
D            A            E	
A people balancing the fasting and the feast
D         A/C#        F#m/A         E
A call to give and to serve and celebrate
              D           A           E
For You are great, oh my God You are great

        C#m          F#m
So our prayer is to know
     A              E
And love You above all
       C#m     F#m
May we be the hands 
   A/E                E
to free them we are called

     D                    A
Our hope is not in this land
Oh not in these walls
Not in these things
        D                     A
And we rest for knowing Your love
Has called us to move
              F#m   D     A
Called us to sing, sing, sing
And the people will sing
           D     A
They will sing, sing
                    F#m          D
Oh the people will sing for the king
For the King 

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Songwriters: Jason Ingram, Robbie Seay

CCLI#: 5674093

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 67

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