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Love That Saves

VERSE 1 D E Who can heal the blind man A/C# Who can raise the dead D E Who can part the waters A/C# and set my feet on dry land D E Who secures my future F#m7 Who forgives my past D E Who tears the veil of darkness A/C# and tramples over death CHORUS D A D F#m E No one - - no one but Jesus D A There is one love D F#m E One love that saves us VERSE 2 D E Who can light the heavens A/C# Who can break the night D E Who can breathe salvation A/C# and bring our hearts to life D E Who hears my every longing F#m Who knows my every need D E Who provides my healing A and sets every captive free REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE D No power on earth could ever E stop what You have started F#m A/C# No other love could ever take Your place D You spoke a word and E made a mockery of darkness F#m A/C# There is no rival standing in Your way REPEAT CHORUS Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Chris McClarney, Bryan Fowler, Matt Armstrong

CCLI#: 7092483

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 98

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