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My Reward

           Bb                 F
I give my life again, every breath I have
     Gm          Eb
For You are my reward
        Bb                F
Jesus, take my life, a sacrifice
Gm              Eb   Gm            Eb
All I have is Yours, all I have is Yours

             Bb                    F
You are my reward, all I'm living for
            Gm              Eb
I surrender all my life to You
               Bb                 F
All consuming fire, You are my desire
                Gm                Eb     F      Eb  
No one else but You, I surrender all my life to You
Gm   F                  Eb    Gm   F
       All to You, my Jesus

        Bb             F
Jesus, here I am with open hands
  Gm           Eb
Lifted high to You
          Bb                     F
Could my heart contain all Your love for me?
       Gm             Eb
You're all I need to know, 
       Gm     F       Eb
You're all I need to know

Nothing compares to knowing You
Nothing compares to loving You
      Eb                              F
I'm giving my life to follow You, my King

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Songwriters: Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill, Reuben Morgan

CCLI#: 5876547

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: 78

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