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One Name Alone

   F                  Bb/F        F
Everybody praises the thing they love
   C                          Bb
Everyone announces what they adore
   F                             Bb/F       F
Where you lay your treasure there is your heart
  C                            Bb         F
There is Your heart there you find your heart
   F                  Bb/F    F
Everybody's singing a song inside
   C                      Bb
Bowing down low with a sacrifice
     F                       Bb/F       F
We speak many words but our hearts we show
    C                       Bb    F	
By what we're spending our lives upon

           C          Bb   F
One name alone I am living for
              C           Bb    F
One name my heart and my soul adore
                      C            Bb          Dm
Be the first and the last, Be the song that I sing
C      Bb          C   F
Jesus be my everything

F                 Bb/F       F
Let it be seen in this life now
     C                          Bb
If anyone should look my way at all
 F                 Bb/F     F
This I prize and treasure most
 C              Bb   F
You my God and You alone
           C              Bb   F
Well it's You my God and only You

    Bb             C     F
O o la la la la la la la la la la
    Bb                  C         Dm
Everybody praises the thing they love
    Bb             C     Dm
O o la la la la la la la la la la
 Bb               C      F
I'll be praising You my God

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Songwriters: Jason Ingram, Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman

CCLI#: 7000696

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 82

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