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Place of Surrender

Eb       Gm          F
I come before Your cross
  Eb              Gm        F
Where You reached out Your arms to save
  Eb          Gm     F        
There’s no greater cause
        Eb    Gm     F
For my soul

Bb                       Eb
For You are God eternal king of all ages
Bb                        Eb
You gave it all and Your love never changes
Gm                Eb
So I fall at the feet of my Savior
Gm           F            Eb
To give You all in this place of surrender

 Eb      Gm       F
With everything I am 
 Eb         Gm       F
I’m pouring out my heart to give You 
 Eb     Gm      F
Every breath I have 
        Eb  Gm  F         Eb  Gm  F
It is Yours,      It is Yours 

Eb           F
I surrender all

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Songwriters: Charis Doherty, Jason Ingram, Julian Gamba, Lorena Castellanos, Richard Harding

CCLI#: 6642275

Recommended Key: F

Tempo/BPM: 75

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