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The Spark

VERSE A Is this the spark where it begins F#m D We find freedom from our sins A Is this the place I finally trust F#m D Your presence is enough to PRECHORUS A Speak light in my darkness F#m D Speak life till I know A There’s strength for my weakness F#m D Slow down oh my soul CHORUS E F#m D A You are where my soul finds rest E F#m D A You are where I lay my head E F#m D A Your grace lets me catch my breath E F#m D A G D Lets me fall into your arms again VERSE A God, my life shall not roam F#m D Lead me where your waters run A You, yourself and nothing less F#m D All my life I’ll fight to rest BRIDGE A D Tell me your love will never fail me E I’m safe here in your mercy F#m You’re keeping me alive D E I need to feel your peace within me F#m Calm the fears that haunt me E/G# Clear away the lies D E Tell me your love is in my bloodstream D/F# It’s burning up my heartbeat E/G# Bringing me your light Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Brendan Shirley, Jason Jamison, Jeff Owen, Mike Donehey, Ruben Juarez

CCLI#: 7035876

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 67

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