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  C        Am      F           G
Though my sins be     red as scarlet
   C        Am       G
Though my guilt is plain
 C      Am        F              G
You retrieved me     from the darkness
C       Am      G
I have been reclaimed

C           Am               F
It's Your blood, It's Your blood 
That makes me whole
C          Am
It's Your blood
          F            G
It's the only fount I know
C              Am
Oh, It's Your blood 
        F            G
I am covered in the flow 
          Em      F          G
And made white, whiter than snow.

C          Am    F              G
Though I wander     still You offered 
  C     Am          G
Righteousness for shame
C      Am       F           G
You pursued me     to the cross and
 C         Am       G
Took the sinners' place
 F     Am           G
How glorious Your grace

  G             F   C
Jesus, now be glorified!
  G                  F     C
Christ our Saviour lifted high!
  G         Am       F   C
Praise the One who justifies!
  F    C        G
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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Songwriters: Jeffrey Tyler Miller, Jon Guerra, Mia Fieldes

CCLI#: 7035477

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 63

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