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With Us

VERSE 1 C Solid Rock, You’re The Hope Of Our Lives Almighty God, You're Our Shield In The Fight Am F We're Not Gonna Fear, You’re Forever Near VERSE 2 C King Of Glory, You’re The Strength In Our Hearts Light Of The World, Turn Our Scars Into Stars Am F For Eternity, You’re Our Victory PRECHORUS Am F C Whether Near Or Far, Everywhere You Are Am F C Whether High Or Low, You'll Never Let Us Go C/E G Am C/E F And We're Not Gonna Hide, With In Our Lives G C With You On Our Side CHORUS Am F C (Am F C) You Are With Us C/E G Am C/E You Are With Us F G C Jesus VERSE 3 C Holy Spirit You’re Alive In Our Hearts Shine Your Light, Light A Fire In The Dark Am F C Like A Mighty Wind, Breathe New Life Again BRIDGE F Dm Ohhhhh C God Is With Us G You Are With Us F Dm Ohhhhh C God Is With Us G You Are With Us Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Fellowship Creative, Jonathan Smith

CCLI#: 7040865

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 82