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          C                       F
God our Savior God our matchless King
           C             F
God Your glory never faltering
      Am    C   G
Your mercy forever
      Am        G
Your mercy for all

    F      C             G      Am
Oh Lord my God when in awesome wonder
 F       C         G	
Sing my soul Your song again
    F       C             G       Am
Oh Lord my God when I am lost in wonder
 F       C         G        Am
Sing my soul how great Thou art
      F    G   Am         F    G    C
How great Thou art, How great Thou Art

           C                    F
God our promise God our coming King
         C               F
God our Maker God of everything
       Am     C   G
Your justice forever
       Am         G
Your justice for all

 F          C                   Am      G
Who can comprehend what You’ve Done for us oh
 F          C              Am      G
Who can comprehend Your Unfailing love
      Am     C G        F Am       G
Your glory forever our Savior our God

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Songwriters: David Crowder, Hank Bentley, Nate Bedingfield

CCLI#: 7038031

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 82

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