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You are Good (That I May)

 G  C    C  D
Pieces shatter
  G  C      C   D
Questions unanswered
     G  C       C   D
I'm broken and weathered
      G  C   C  D
You hold me together

 Em           C              G             D
Even in the battle, You are good, You are good
 Em            C               G        D
Even in the struggles I have never understood
       Em     C               G       D
Be it joy or pain, Still my life will say
         C       D       G
You are God and You are good

 G   C       C      D
You say You won't leave
 G   C       C   D
You say You love me
          G    C        C    D
So I'll trust You with this day
           G    C       C       D
And I'll trust You to lead the way

       Em                    C
I'll praise You, Not that I have to
             G                  D
Not that I ought to, But that I may

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Songwriters: Tim Timmons, Jason Ingram

CCLI#: 7050067

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 71

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