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You Reign

|Am  F  | C    |Am  F  | C    |

       Am   F   C
King of everything
      Am   F    C
Seated on the throne
    Am   F   C
All authority
               Am   F   C
Belongs to You alone
     F		           C	    G
All power is Yours - All glory is Yours
       F	   C	   G
Every kingdom will bow to Yours

     F		 C	     G
You reign - You reign - You reign
Am      F     C	      G
Over it all - Over it all
  Dm	   C/E	 G
So I won’t be afraid
      Am	    F      C		 G
Cause You’re in control - You’re in control
		  Am - F - | C - - - |
Oh, Jesus You reign

	     Am    F   C
You’re the Prince of Peace
	     Am   F   C
Sovereign through it all
       Am  F   C
When I cannot see
		 Am   F   C
I’ll trust in You alone

  F		Am  G		    C/E
Clothed in majesty - Crowned in victory
F    Am   G     C/E
 Jesus - - Jesus
F		 Am
 Every eye will see
G		  C/E
 The glory of our King
F    Am   G    
 Jesus - - Oh, Jesus

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Songwriters: Chris McClarney, Jordan Frye, Hank Bentley

CCLI#: 7095882

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 148

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