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My Victory

By: Passion Music

 F                     Am
You came for criminals and every pharisee
 F                        Am
You came for hypocrites, even one like me
 F                        Am	
You carried sin and shame the guilt of every man
 F                           Am
The weight of all I've done nailed into Your hands

           C           F
Oh, Your love bled for me
           C        C/E      F
Oh, Your blood in crimson streams
          Am               F
Oh, Your death is hell's defeat
   C/E            F           G
A cross meant to kill is my victory

F                        Am
Oh, Your amazing grace, I've seen and tasted it
It's running through my veins
I can't escape its grip 
In You my soul is safe
Am              G
You uncover everything

  Am                F
Behold the Lamb of God
                    C                       G
Who takes away our sin, who takes away our sin
     Am           F
The Holy Lamb of God
                 C                     G
Makes us alive again, Makes us alive again

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Songwriters: Darren Mulligan, David Crowder, Ed Cash, Hank Bentley

CCLI#: 7054548

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 74