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Kingdom Crowns

By: Rock City Worship

Intro C#m A E C#m A E Verse 1 C#m A Feel it in my bones E Feel it in my blood C#m I was made for You A E Was made for You God Verse 2 C#m A Every moment spent E Every breath I've got C#m I will spend it all A E To glorify You God Pre Chorus F#m I know this is not my home Chorus C#m A Oh Oh Oh E You have my soul C#m A Oh Oh Oh E You won't let go Verse 3 C#m A Every step I take E Every race I run C#m A I will give my all for E Your Kingdom come Verse 4 C#m A When the waters rage E When the trials come C#m A I only hope to see E Your will be done Chorus Bridge C#m We won't give it up A Till the lost are found E We won't give it up and we won't calm down C#m Nothing that we want A But kingdom crowns E Kingdom crowns we won't back down Bridge Chorus Bridge
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Songwriters: Chad Fisher, Nathan Montgomery

CCLI#: -

Recommended Key: E

Tempo/BPM: 78