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Familiar Song

By: SEU Worship

Intro (2x) B Verse 1 B E There’s an old familiar song B B/D# E It’s stood the test of time my whole life long B Monumental Turnaround B Verse 2 B E It gave me hope and faith for sight B B/D# E Singing perfect peace over my mind B God Eternal Pre-Chorus F# G#m From Genesis to Revelation E B There’s music from beginning to end F# G#m You always give an invitation E F# To sing it like the first time again Chorus (2x) B The melody in my soul B/D# E Is the same one echoing through heaven’s halls F# G#m A song that somehow I have always known F# E Oh holy is the Lord (repeat) Turnaround (2x) B Verse 3 B E If the walls of time could talk B B/D# E They would tell of how faithful You are B Redemption’s story Verse 4 B E B You’re the bright and morning star Shining through the stained glass B/D# E Of our hearts B It's your glory Pre-Chorus > Chorus (2x) Interlude B B/D# E F# G#m F# E Bridge 1 (4x) B B/D# Holy holy E F# Lord almighty G#m F# E All the glory is Yours (repeat) Chorus (2x) > Bridge 1 (2x) Turnaround (2x) B Verse 5 B E There’s an old familiar song B It’s stood the test of time B/D# E My whole life long B Holy is the Lord
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, David Leonard, David Ryan Cook, Ethan Hulse

CCLI#: 7194409

Recommended Key: B

Tempo/BPM: 65