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By: SEU Worship

Intro Fm / / / | Fm / / / | Verse 1 Fm In a world of heartbreak Eb Eb/G It's Your love that puts back all my pieces Fm It holds me in the darkness Fm For my soul that's helpless Eb Eb/G Like a wave You crash into my weakness Fm Propelling me to strengthen Pre-Chorus Bbm I come alive alive alive alive Eb I feel my heart my soul become revived Eb/G When You're around me Fm You're around me You're around me You're around me Bbm When I leave the fear I feel behind Eb And put my trust in You it's there I find Eb/G Fm Realigning realigning realigning realigning Chorus Bbm Though pieces may break and scatter Eb None are lost I know You'll gather Eb/G Them and make me whole again Fm Land where the pieces may I know You’ll realign me Bbm When my heart is struck and shattered Eb Down and out I know NO matter Eb/G How broken You’re holding them Fm Land where the pieces may I know You’ll realign me Turn x2 Bbm / / / | Eb / / / | Eb/G / / / | Fm / / / | Verse 2 Fm Within the struggle, I’m not alone Eb Stuck in the desert, You’ll bring me home Eb/G There is no fire, You can't control Fm Cause in a moment, You saved my soul Fm You pulled me up, When I hit rock bottom Eb Brushed off the dust, And now I am stronger Eb/G You always put me back together Fm Together Pre-Chorus Chorus Rap x4 Bbm / / / | Eb / / / | Eb/G / / / | Fm / / / | Pre-Chorus Chorus
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Songwriters: Bobby Walker, David DePerez, Eileen Rodriguez, Kevin Elijah Burgess, Mackenzie West

CCLI#: 7163629

Recommended Key: Ab

Tempo/BPM: 168