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Walk With You

By: SEU Worship

Verse 1: A In the morning when I call Your name D E Like a child waking up half afraid A You respond in a cool and calm voice D F#m E You say “Child, I was here through the night D F#m E And I’ll always be on your side” Chorus: F#m I wanna walk with You E/G# A D Talk with You, spend all my days with You F#m A Where You are, Lord E Is where I wanna go F#m You’re always listening E/G# A. D Leading me, walking right next to me F#m A E I know You’re someone I can trust D Jesus, my friend and my God F#m D A Verse 2: F#m D A/C# In the running, in the riots of angst D A/C# E You never left me ashamed F#m D A/C# At the door You’re like a Father with patience D F#m E You say “Child I don’t wait in anger, D F#m E In my house you’re never a stranger” Verse 3: A In my hiding and my bitterness D E You repair my stubborn heart A With Your grace You cut right through my pride D F#m You say “Child I see more E Than Your eyes do D F#m E Come take my hands and I’ll show You” Chorus 2: (ending) F#m Even if I run from You E/G# Hide from You A D Reject all the things you do F#m A E It’s never enough to disprove Your love F#m God, how You rescued me E/G# A D Sheltered me and loved me so willingly F#m A E I know you’re someone I can trust D Jesus, my friend and my God
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Songwriters: Daniel Rivera, Robin Rivera, Stephanie Alessi

CCLI#: 7184014

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 103