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Perfect Peace

By: Tauren Wells

Verse 1 Db My heart’s pounding in my chest Fm Eb Db Remind me again who You are I struggle to take a breath Fm Eb Ab/C Db Tell me I’m safe in Your arms You’re seated upon the throne Fm Eb Db The universe at Your command Show me that I’m not alone Fm Eb Ab/C No I’m not alone Chorus Db Fm Eb Though I’m tossed by the wind and the crashing waves - crashing waves Db Fm Eb With one word all my fears start to fade away - fade away Db Fm Eb You keep me in perfect peace - perfect peace Db Fm Eb Ab/C You keep me in perfect peace - perfect peace Verse 2 Db When the bottom falls out under me Fm Eb Db I’m held by the grip of Your hope Higher than what I can see Fm Eb Ab/C You’re over it all Bridge Db I’m bringing my needs to You alone Fm Eb Surrendering all I can’t control Db When it’s all wrong inside my world Fm Eb There is a peace that guards my soul
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Songwriters: Colby Wedgeworth, Jason Ingram, Tauren Wells

CCLI#: 7090532

Recommended Key: Ab

Tempo/BPM: 74