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All Hail The King

By: Vertical Worship

Intro: C---|G---|Em---|D---| C---|G---|D ---|----| Verse 1: C G We make way for you Em D Prepare a place for You C G D Let our praise become Your throne C G Hear Your people sing Em D We give you everything C G D Jesus, all for you alone Chorus: C G All hail the King Em D All hail the Savior C G D Jesus, the Son of God C G All hail His name Em D All hail His power C G D Before His feet we fall C G Em D C As we crown Him Lord of all Intro Verse 2: C G This is royalty Em D Robed in majesty C G D All the earth will stand in awe C G And for eternity Em D All the heaven sings C G D With an everlasting song Chorus Intro Bridge: G C Awake my soul and sing Em D Of Him who died for me G/B C And hail His as the matchless King Em D G Through all eternity Chorus Intro Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Andi Rozier, David Leonard, Jason Ingram

CCLI#: 7100688

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 82