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Open The Gates

By: Vertical Worship

Intro C---|G---|D---|Em---| C---|G---|D---|----| Verse 1: G Our praise awaits you with the dawn G G/B C Our souls awake to you and lift a song G We've seen the things that you have done G G/B C And still we know the best is yet to come C G There's more to come Chorus: C G D---|Em---| Open the gates and let Your glory come down C G D---| Open our hearts and let our worship pour out Intro Verse 2: G Your presence here is all we need G G/B C You break our chains with sounds of victory C G You're changing everything Bridge: C Em Come flood this space D No one else could take your place C Em Come have your way D No one else could take your place Chorus 2x Intro End on C Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Andi Rozier, Jacob Sooter, Jason Ingram, Jess Cates, Jon Egan

CCLI#: 7105437

Recommended Key: G

Tempo/BPM: 116