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Over and Over

By: Vertical Worship

C / Csus / | C / / / | C / Csus / | C / / / 
C                     Csus   C              Csus 
  I’m standing on the edge of  everything I know
C              Csus    C                     Csus
  Comfort is behind me, I’ve got to let that go
C                        Dm        Am                   F
  There’s freedom in the free fall,  when I’m falling into you
C                     Dm    Am                      F    
  God knows where I’m going,  maybe I don’t have to

C                     Dm
  I lay me down at the altar
         Am             F
Over and over, over and over
C                        Dm
 From fear to faith I surrender
         Am             F
Over and over, over and over

C                 Dm      Am                            F            
   You take all my questions  as they’re wrestled to the ground
C              Dm       Am                   F
 Patiently you guide me,   beyond what I see now
C                     Dm      Am                F
 I don't have all the answers,  trust is what I need
C                 Dm       Am                          F
 My comfort is in knowing,   you’re right here next to me


C / / / | Dm / / / | Am / / / | F / / /    x2

[BRIDGE] [x3]
  C                   Dm              Am        
I gain it all in the letting go, so I letting go
You are in control
  C                   Dm               Am  
I find my life when I give it up, so I give it up
I can trust Your love   

[CHORUS] [x2]


C / / / | Dm / / / | Am / / / | F / / /    x2

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Songwriters: Kyle Smith, Lauren Smith, Brandon Sharp, Sean Curran

CCLI#: 7146670

Recommended Key: C

Tempo/BPM: 74