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Yes I Will

By: Vertical Worship

INTRO Db--Ab |----|Eb--Fm |----| VERSE 1 Db Ab I count on one thing Eb Fm The same God that never fails Db Ab Will not fail me now Eb Fm You won't fail me now Db Ab In the waiting Eb Fm The same God who's never late Db Ab Is working all things out Eb Fm You're working all things out CHORUS Db Ab Eb Yes I will lift you high Fm In the lowest valley Db Ab Eb Yes I will bless Your name Db Ab Eb Yes I will sing for joy Fm When my heart is heavy Db Ab Eb Fm All my days yes I will INTRO VERSE 1 CHORUS BRIDGE Db Ab I choose to praise Eb Fm To glorify to glorify Db Ab The name above all names Eb That nothing can stand against REPEAT BRIDGE 3X CHORUS TAG Db Ab For all my days Eb Fm Yes I will Db Ab For all my days Eb C Yes I will Chords and lyrics provided by
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Songwriters: Eddie Hoagland, Mia Fieldes, Jonathan Smith

CCLI#: 7105442

Recommended Key: Ab

Tempo/BPM: 75