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Top Christmas Worship Songs 2022

Whether or not we are ready to admit it, the Christmas season has begun, especially in the Church! We know you have hundreds if not thousands of songs to sift through when planning your Christmas and Advent services this year. We have compiled this list of songs to help you find what you need this year! A list filled with new Christmas worship, classic Christmas worship, top Christmas worship, and just some fun Christmas songs. May God bless you and your Church as you prepare for this exciting season!

– The Essential Worship Team

Top Christmas Songs for Christmas Worship 2022

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Joy (To the World) – Life.Church Worship ft. Ryan Ellis

Away in a Manger (Forever Amen) – Phil Wickham

O Come, All Ye Faithful – Ben Fuller

Holy – David Leonard

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – DOE

Hope Has Come (Behold Him) – Red Rocks Worship

Here Comes Heaven – Elevation Worship

Unto Us – Ryan Ellis

Faithful – Life.Church Worship

King of Kings – Hillsong Worship

Worthy – Elevation Worship

O Come All Ye Faithful – Red Rocks Worship

Joy To The World (Joyful, Joyful) – Phil Wickham

Go Tell It On the Mountain – Zach Williams

Fill This Place – Red Rocks Worship

Angels We Have Heard On High – Phil Wickham

Emmanuel God With Us – Chris Tomlin

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus – Meredith Andrews

Angels We Have Heard on High – Life.Church Worship

Reckless Love – Cory Asbury

It Came to Pass (Worthy, Worthy) – Vertical Worship / Jon Guerra

Born On That Day – Matt Maher

Star of Wonder – Phil Wickham

The First Noel – Matt Maher

Hark the Herald Angels Sing – Phil Wickham

What Child Is This – Phil Wickham

Peace Be Still – The Belonging Co

Glory (Let There Be Peace) – Matt Maher

Here As In Heaven – Elevation Worship

Emmanuel – Life.Church Worship

Face of God – Phil Wickham

He Shall Reign Forevermore – Chris Tomlin

Make Room – Casting Crowns / Matt Maher

This Year For Christmas – Phil Wickham

He Has Come For Us (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Make A Way – One Sonic Society

The Christmas Waltz – Phil Wickham

We Wish You (A Merry, Peaceful, Wonderful Christmas) – Phil Wickham

It’s Finally Christmas – Casting Crowns

He Has Come For Us – Meredith Andrews

Behold Our God – Matt Maher

Behold the Savior – Meredith Andrews

Gloria/Angels We Have Heard on High – Casting Crowns

God With Us – One Sonic Society

Holy (Jesus You Are) – One Sonic Society / Matt Redman

Jesus Only Jesus – Matt Redman

Jesus Son of God – One Sonic Society / Chris Tomlin / Matt Maher

Joyful (The One Who Saves) – Jason Ingram

King of Heaven – Jason Ingram

Let Us Adore – Elevation Worship

Love Came Down to Bethlehem – Matt Maher

Our King Has Come – Elevation Worship

Shout for Joy – Jason Ingram

Silent Night (Christ is Born) – Jason Ingram

Somewhere in Your Silent Night – Casting Crowns

What Child is This (Christ the King) – Casting Crowns

Yes I Will – Vertical Worship

Looking for Christmas music specific to your tastes? Try our playlist generator to have a customized playlist made for you or our quiz to see where your Christmas music tastes line up with others!

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Christmas Devotional

“And they will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”).” Matthew 1:33 NIV

Do you know that God is with you?

The Christmas Story is one that has been told so many times in so many ways. It’s the greatest story ever told (except, perhaps, the resurrection story), and the most beautiful thing about it is that it never grows old.

Yet, today, we hope to focus your mind on what the sweetest birthday story in the history of the world means for us today…because the most wonderful part of the Christmas story is the idea that God loved us enough to be “with us”.

The Christmas season can be so difficult. From the financial burden, to the reminder of absent loved ones who have passed on, or the shadows that remain from hurtful Christmas experiences of the past; it can be so exhausting and hard. We cannot overcome or heal from these experiences on our own, but we can pray to the Spirit for our eyes to be fixed on the truth of the holiday.

The truth of the holiday remains in the genealogy of Jesus and what it means for us. Matthew 1 begins with a daunting list of Jesus’s lineage that becomes overwhelming to truly look at and dive into. Yet, there are some beautiful things to look at beyond the surface.

This beautiful array of people from the family of God reveals to us one thing in particular about the birth of His son on earth: He came to be with ALL of us and He uses ALL of us for different parts of His beautiful plan.

Jesus was of Abraham: a wonderful, upstanding Father of the nation.

Jesus was of David: a strong warrior and a wonderful musician king.

Jesus came from Rahab: a prostitute who was not even an Israelite.

Jesus came from Bathsheba: a woman who was taken advantage of and lost everything.

By listing the two men, Jesus fulfills the Old Testament prophecies and shows a picture of great Israelite strength. However, the story becomes more unique when Jesus’s genealogy mentions two women, and even more specifically, women who were not direct descendants of the Israelites. In those times, the father was the only one ever mentioned as he was the face of the household. Furthermore, the Jewish people were God’s CHOSEN people, and they typically stayed away from the Gentiles at all costs. However, God takes great care in mentioning these people. Why? To show us that Jesus came from all types of people, who were used in different ways within God’s perfect plan, to save all types of people. 

Hallelujah, thank you, Immanuel.

Jesus’s lineage was made up of all nations and classes, women and men, different vocations and backgrounds, and even before Christ was born, an angel sent by God christened him with a name meaning “God with us”.

Not just God with one or some, but with us, ALL of us.

The miracle of the Christmas story isn’t just about the savior the scriptures foretold about. The miracle of the Christmas story is that our Father in heaven loved us enough to send Immanuel, Jesus, the one who is with us, and the one who would atone our sins for us. God used all kinds of different people in this plan.

Do you know that God is using you now too? Do you know that He is with you today, just as He was thousands of years ago, and just as He will be in the future to come?

During this Christmas season, don’t forget to pause and praise God for the beautiful truth of the Christmas story and what it means for you.

Pray with us

Lord, as this Christmas season is upon us, help me to keep my eyes on the reason why we celebrate. Thank you for sending your Son here on earth all those years ago to save all of us, to save me. Thank you for showing us how you use all types of people to complete your plan. Please show us how we can be used this season. Help us to be obedient to what you call us to do. Thank you Lord for all you have done, are doing, and will do for us.