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Tremble: Story


Tremble is such a powerful song because I feel like in Los Angeles there is so much darkness and so many people that don’t have light or hope in their life. And I feel like that what the song is saying is just that Jesus is bigger than all of that. And I know that is can be hard to believe, especially when you are surrounded by it and you live in a city that almost thrives on that darkness, and that just Jesus can overcome all of it and that His name can overcome all of it. And saying His name, and worshiping His name, and believing in His name, in those moments, in this city, is such a huge part of what Mosaic and what we do. And what we want to write songs about is just that, even in a city like this, you can have that light, and that light is more powerful than anything.

I remember one of the first times we actually played this song, it was on Easter. And it was just such a beautiful moment because we had so many people who came to the church for the first time, people who probably come to Mosaic, or any church once a year, and it was so beautiful to see people so into the song and it almost felt from the stage like if people were saying, “yeah, this is what we are supposed to be saying, this is what we’re supposed to say.” You could feel in that moment, what a beautiful and what a powerful song.

It’s just one of the songs that I feel like provokes one of the most visceral reactions from people. Cause people, immediately when it just gets to that bridge, people just immediately are on board with what’s happening, even if they aren’t aware of it. They are singing out, “Your name is a light that the shadows can’t deny.” It’s almost like this thing you want to go out and march and just go into battle, even if you don’t know anything about it, but it’s that kind of powerful “anthemy” song. We believe that this song actually does what the song says: It makes the darkness tremble. It silences fear. And that is what we see it doing to our community. It’s been awesome.