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What it Means to be a Worship Leader

Sydney: Hey, I’m Sydney!

Kenzie: I’m Kenzie!

Sydney: And we are from SEU Worship, and today we are just sharing our thoughts on what we think a worship leader is. So, Kenzie, how would you answer that question? What’s a worship leader?

Kenzie: Yeah! So, being a worship leader myself, I definitely – now that I’ve been in it for longer – I’m definitely changing my perspective on what I think it is. Like, I think when I was younger looking at worship leaders on the stage I was like, “They’re just rock stars, like, just up there having fun.” And obviously, you know, it’s definitely a person who has taken the time to hone in on their craft, and like obviously they have a gift for music from the Lord, but it’s so much more about just being in tune with the Spirit at all times. One phrase that I always hear is that, you know, as leaders we are not thermometers, we’re thermostats. And, so basically, I think worship leaders have this natural gift of being able to go into a room and sensing, “Okay, this is what I think everybody’s feeling right now, but this is where I know God wants to take us.” So, it’s just setting that temperature from the get-go like, “Hey, this is where God’s taking us. I’m gonna lead us there if you guys are willing to come with me.” And it’s just connecting people back to truth, like, no matter what they’re walking in with it’s like, “Hey! Let’s take a minute to just remember what is the truth that God says about our situation right now” and just being able to declare that hope every week at their churches or wherever they’re leading. But, yeah!

Sydney: Yeah! And making sure that I think we get to have that responsibility and that calling to point everything back to God at the end of the day as well, because that’s what worship is. And I think it’s just making sure that we take the calling, take the responsibility to show adoration and to show praise to our Creator at all times in every scenario, in every service, and every atmosphere. Just making sure that we lead the way in that too.

Kenzie: Yeah! So that’s me and Sydney’s thoughts and experiences on what a worship leader is, so I hope that encourages you as you think about just the role and responsibility of a worship leader.