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Kim Walker-Smith is passionate about God’s love for people, the transformational power of
Holy Spirit, and encountering the Presence of God. Her music has reached millions around the
world, crossing borders and denominations, releasing breakthrough, healing, and hope. Kim’s
highest priority is to love God and follow His leading, and to invite those she leads to follow
after Him with her. With 20 years of worship leadership and a fearless heart, Kim continues to
bring others into deeper, more personal relationships with the Living God.

With 20+ years of worship leadership, Kim Walker-Smith is celebrated
for her exceptional vocals and spirit led worship anthems. Kim emerged as a prominent worship leader
for the Jesus Culture movement in the 2010’s. With massive hits like
“How He Loves”, “Spirit Break Out,” “Protector” and “Throne Room,”
Kim has amassed over 400M streams and a combined social following of
almost 2 million. Kim’s influence extends beyond music as she is a
sought-after speaker and an influential faith leader. Her highly
anticipated new single, “Boxes,” is a powerful anthem about breaking
free from societal expectations and refusing to be confined by what the
world demands Her upcoming full album release “Under The Big Sky”
due out in Summer 2024!