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“Lead Us Back is a call to worship not just for our audience but the band as well,” says the band. “Why now? We’re ready for these songs. We’re ready to feel God’s spirit fall afresh on all of us again. We have a twofold hope in sharing them. First, that this music will help lead us as a group back to our original fire and desire to worship and second that it will do the same for our fans who are on the spiritual journey as well.”  They continue, “As we all get older, as we deal with our careers, marriages, kids and the crazy events in the world, it’s easy for anyone to let things wear down our faith. But that’s where the power of worship comes in — we go to God via the tool of music to help us restore that faith and reignite the spiritual fervor. We want those who listen to the album to feel more excited and ready than ever to share their faith and serve God with their lives.”

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