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By: Apollo LTD

[INTRO] D / / / | / / / / [VERSE 1] D So this is broken I guess
 G And if I'm being honest I'm over my head
 Bm The hurt rages deep inside
 A Wave after wave like the ocean tide
 G I've done all I can, it’s out of my hands, yeah
 [VERSE 2] D It's easy to forget
 G It's a part of the plan, there's a light up ahead
 Bm But right now I'm restless
 A I need You because I'm anxious
 G I've done all I can, it’s all in Your hands, yeah
 When my world keeps on shaking, and I'm breaking
 G When the skies won't stop raining, and I'm fading
 Bm A Help me to be okay with what I can't change
 G And remind me there's meaning in the waiting
 D G Help me to be patient, help me to be patient
 [VERSE 3] D
 Don't know how long this will last
 G I need some reassurance that this too shall pass
 Bm I throw my hands up in the air
 A Don't wanna be a slave to fear
 G I know I've gotta let go 

 Help me to be patient [BRIDGE] 
 Through every valley there's a mountain on the other side
G It's at the bottom where You're teaching me how to climb
Bm And though my heart may break 
A G I know it's not in vain, I need only to be still
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Songwriters: Adam Stark, Colby Wedgeworth, Jordan Phillips

CCLI#: 7157116

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 92