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Other Plans

By: Ben Fuller

[INTRO] Bm A D/F# G Bm A D/F# G [VERSE 1] Bm A D/F# G I pulled it off the wall and held it in my hands Bm A D/F# G The cold steel and wood turned a boy into a man Bm A D/F# G I held the hammer back fingers all red from the rust Bm A D/F# G And I knew exactly where daddy hid the shells from us [VERSE 2] Bm A D/F# G I left a note by the stove saying I wouldn’t be too long Bm A D/F# G Didn’t want mama to call or come looking where I had gone Bm A D/F# G Been blinded by the pain and I only had one thought Bm A D/F# G Set off for the woods pockets jangled while I walked [CHORUS] G Bm D G My hands were shaking oh so bad I could hardly hold that gun Bm D G I shoved a round into the magazine it was my last chance to run Bm D G If this is a cry for help then I’m crying out loud help me understand Bm When I let it go and it hit the ground turns out God had other plans [TURN] Bm A D/F# G Bm A D/F# G [VERSE 3] Bm A D/F# G I felt the hand of God as he led me off that ledge Bm A D/F# G I left the rifle lying’ there in the leaves with my regrets Bm A D/F# G Silhouette still in the paint where it hung up on the wall Bm A D/F# G Reminded me that I was saved when I could have lost it all [CHORUS] [TURN] [CHORUS] [OUTRO] Bm A D/F# G Bm A D/F# G Turns out God had other plans
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Songwriters: Ben Fuller, Nicole Lewis, Pamela Lack, Robert Kropp

CCLI#: 7206365

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 77.5