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By: Ben Fuller

He never hit me with his fists But he did some damage with his words my old man didn’t know no better Just passed down what he thought worked I tried and tried to break his pride And be the apple of his eye And maybe I was loved but he never let me know I was Making my father proud Looks a whole lot different now Ain’t about, the man, that I call dad Who I could never figure out It’s about knowin’ who’s son I really am And knowin’ he’s my biggest fan It’s a kind a love that makes my world revolve around Making my father proud (That’s what life’s about) Gotta a Long road of live and learns in the rear view of my life But Somewhere in the crash and burns And those wrong turns I saw the light He kissed my face, I felt his Grace He said my child you found your place I fell down on my knees I looked up and I could see Me and my old man, finally settled old scores Cause pleasin this world just don’t matter no more Now all I’m livin for
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Songwriters: Ben Fuller, Casey Beathard, Jonathan Smith

CCLI#: 7199605

Recommended Key: D

Tempo/BPM: 115