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Someone’s Praying

By: Brad & Rebekah

Intro Eb Bb Gm F Eb Bb Gm F Verse 1 Eb Bb Gm F I have seen my circumstances change Eb Bb Gm F Eb I have felt the atmosphere completely rearranged Bb Fsus F Cause someone’s praying over me Eb Bb Fsus F Someone’s praying over me Verse 2 Eb Bb Gm F Don’t you know the mountains can be moved Eb Bb Gm F Eb Lift your faith the miraculous can overtake the room Bb Fsus F When someone’s praying over you Eb Bb Fsus F Someone’s praying over you Chorus Eb When we cry out Bb There is power Gm Call upon the King F/A He is listening Eb At the right hand Bb Of the Father Gm Jesus intercedes F To make a way for me Verse 3 Eb Bb Gm F Death to life He has overcome Eb BbGm F Eb Here and now anything is possible because Someone’s Praying Bb F He’s always praying over us Eb Bb F Yes He’s praying over us Interlude Bb Eb BbF Bb Eb Bb F Bridge (2x) Bb/G Just one moment Eb Just one touch The prayers of the righteous ones availeth much Bb/G Heaven’s open Eb His love is wide The heart of the living God is on our side Outro Bb Eb Gm F Bb Eb Gm F Eb
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Songwriters: Bede Benjamin, Brad Bichsel, David Ryan Cook, Rebekah Bichsel

CCLI#: 7187295

Recommended Key: Bb

Tempo/BPM: 68