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Arise and Sing

By: Brenton Brown

            A            D/F#
There is a king, a risen king
   E                     D
Radiant, He reigns in majesty
                 A               D/F#
He's conquered death, it has no sting
            E            D	
And at His word we will rise and sing

  A    E        F#m       D
Arise, we will arise and sing
  A    E        F#m       D
Arise, we will arise and sing

       A                    D/F#
Come awake, rise from the ground
           E                 D
Open your eyes and see what you have found
       A                D/F#
Come awake, oh you who sleep
           E               D
Search no more, for He is all we need

  A  E      F#m  D
Beautiful, beautiful 
              A                 E
There is not one, there is not one, 
           F#m   D
Who is so beautiful

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Songwriters: Brenton Brown, Jason Ingram, Marty Sampson

CCLI#: 5900808

Recommended Key: A

Tempo/BPM: 119

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